Business Analyst – Financial Management Specialist

Requesting Financial Management Specialist to assist in setting up and automating an IT Financial Management (ITFM) system.

Jobs for ITFM Specialist:

  • Lead establishing IT Billing that includes ICT chargeback and show‐back to subsidiaries / business units of client initially. It includes setting up and automating ICT service costing model comprising cost collection, cost allocation, cost recovery, dashboard and reporting modules.
  • Must be capable of operating the system; interact effectively with the stakeholders to resolve disputes, if any, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Contribute significantly to build an IT Financial Management System dovetailing into the Corporate Finance, Procurement and Talent Management Systems. ITFM includes refining IT Chart of Account, Budgeting, Ordering, Receiving, Paying, Fixed Asset Management at a more detailed level at ICT than the macro level maintained at corporate level.
  • Lead embedding IT Billing into the above ITFM framework.
  • Assist in integrating CMDB (Configuration Management Database) with ITFM and Service Costing
  • Assist in building and managing Asset Management

The candidate must have the following credentials:

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in Financial Management with specialization or certification in Cost Accounting
  • Must have sound Knowledge and understanding of IT Service costing and chargeback
  • Must have a good grasp of accounting lifecycle and associated procedures like PSC; FNA
  • Must have worked in Oracle Financials and Applications
  • Strong Excel Modelling is needed
  • Four to five years of proven work experience in product / service cost accounting
  • Must have knowledge of charge back systems / applications / oracle / best practices in ICT

To Apply: Fill in the Application form (download form HERE) and send it to